Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! 

Christmas is about reflecting on your faith, love, understanding, care towards all around you. I am thankful for the gifts I receive everyday in and out the athletic and civic arenas. The children I work with make my daily life meaningful. Their fears, doubts,  accomplishments and theirs daily battles are inspiring. 

For the  past 26 days I have gotten  the chance to project that happiness and pride to my biggest idol, my mother. 

Christmas was spent  with my mother,  couple of my  sisters and their respective families. It's in days like this one, when family gets reunited, that I get excited and motivated to keep pursuing happiness so that it can be shared. 

I challenge my readers, kids, family and friends to make every night a Christmas night. One that is grateful and full of peace, love, forgiveness. Nights in which we go to bed happy looking forward to what awaits on the following day for us. 

It's my hope that these holidays are full of  memorable moments. Im beyond thankful and happy for 2014. 
The tutoring program
The Run With ITA 
The Nutrition Class with Beatriz 
Our Zumba classes
ESL Classes 
Speaking Engagements 
and the amazing visit from the greatest partner L.L.Bean to the valley was what made 2014 a fantastic year for the In The Arena team in Alamosa. 

  My 2015 goals are to keep our ITA programs alive, moving and running smoothly. Im also excited  to give it a go to the marathon again. After a severe injury that left me out of the athletic arena, now days I am the happiest runner when I get to step on a track or road for a speed workout or the that 19 miler. Im fully aware of my fitness and  the fact that Im in many ways starting all over again. Im exited to go against the odds,  3 years later I am going to run the Marathon in Arizona at the Rock "n" Roll Arizona to chase the 2016 Olympic Trials qualifier. The Date, January 18th,2015. Race starts at 7:50a.m Mountain Time. Training is been very consistent, this week a bit colder than usual, but tolerable. Im in my third week of High milage 80- 110 miles a week. Naps are once again part of the routine and now that kids are on vacation I am making the best of my family and my training. My mother has done an amazing job at keeping me sane. From her amazing food, her wise conversation, company to  her fun sense of humor, I would honestly say that this has been the most enjoyable marathon training stint to date. Needless to say, my rib pain has disappeared. 

All in all, Im very happy and proud of my kids, the programs and training. I wish nothing but a very  Happy New Year to all of you! 

Be, Dream, Believe! 

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