Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rio Frio 5km

I've been living in Alamosa for 14 years now and when the race director, Jeff Owsley  of the Rio Frio 5km contacted me to see if I could be the honorary starter for the Rio Frio 5k race on  Saturday  the 31 of January I got excited.  This was the least I could do for the community that has embraced my story for many years.

Ciara from Center Colorado ran the 5km

As always, Jeff Owsley offered a few scholarships for our In The Arena crew to run the kids race and encouraged me to bring as many  as possible. The following days, I committed to encourage parents to take their kids to the event. The day before I was able to signed up and secure 10 spots. I was very happy to see many of our kids show up on race day, enjoy and make us proud.

Rodolfo, even with a cold refused to miss the opportunity. 
                                                                                       One of our kids, Alan Flores, took the win in a very competitive race. This was Alan's first win ever. After his race he was so excited that asked if I could run with him one loop of the 5km race along the Rio Grande. As I mentioned on my Instagram later on, by far one of my biggest accomplishments as I got to experience with someone else stride by stride this  love and passion for running.  It was so wonderful to hear Alan say: " I gave my best effort ever" "This is my biggest accomplishment, I've never been so focus in my life"

Carlos followed by  3 younger brothers.
After Alan was done with his first lap, I asked Lisa Stoeber, who was only a couple of steps in front if she needed a pacer, partner. We ended up  running  together the rest of the race.   After we crossed the finish line in, 41:27~ 106 and 107th place, I enjoyed visiting with many members of the community whom told me they have been following my running career through the local newspaper since I got to Alamosa and that they were very happy we finally met in person.
Miguel following his younger sister Lupita

Many thank me for staying in the area and acknowledged our  In The Arena community work in the valley.

I found their testimonies truthful and very encouraging. "In The Arena Team, we are doing great! " 

Pacing Alan for 2.5km (1Loop)

The race overall was a great success and it is my hope it continues to grow and become a great tradition. 
"Mom Im a big Boy now, I run like Zoila"

Thank You Jeff  and City of Alamosa for letting us be part of something extraordinary~ Rio Frio 5km.


If you ever want to run in something out of the ordinary, we look forward to seeing you at the Rio Frio in 2016! 

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