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The most memorable moments in life are worth to wait for. At times I just want to jump in a plane or get on my car to #OklahomaCity  to hold this angel. My "little" sister's, @aliz83  and @randomhero199, #Love, #Miracle, #Greatestgift ~ Little Scarlett  has two loving and caring parents that adore her, wished and waited with anticipation for her conception and arrival. For the meantime, I know the wait will be worthy. #Thankful for my #niece  Vale la pena esperar por esos momentos memorables de tu vida. Por momentos quiero subirme a un avión, subirme al carro e ir hasta Oklahoma y abrazar a este angel.  El amor, milagro y regalo mas grandioso de mi hermana menor, Alicia y su esposo Luke. La pequeña Scarlett cuenta con unos padres que la adoran y esperaron su concepción y llegada con ansiedad. Por el momento se que la espera para abrazarla valdrá la pena. #Agradecida por mi #sobrina
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This week served as an outlet to do more searching and finding on what it really means to be alive. The purpose behind ones existance and the motive to keep persuing excellence. Moments that impact my daily life positively.

For many Thanksgiving means having that opportunity to be closer to love ones. Thanksgiving is by far my most favorite holiday. In fact, thats the only holiday I celebrate. This year I celebrated Thanksgiving by commiting to my long term goals and doing something I love doing: Run, Eat, Sleep.. At dinner time, I prepared a dish that would allowed me to be ready for the next days workout. In my spared time I took advantage of social media to communicate with those I love. During Black Friday while people were lining up excited to do their shopping, I most likely was on my third dream of the night.

Its in weeks like this one that I get to connect to myself, the spiritual world and I pay more attention to nature and my surroundings. This week was like being in a spiritual retreat where all you do is Pray, Eat, Sleep... but in my case I get to Meditate, Run, Eat and Sleep..

The instagram  pictures are some of the best or most thankful moments of the week.. Some moments as old as an 18 year old..

1997 California Division IV High School #CrossCountry State Championships Results. My first athletic team.. First State Title for Costa Mesa High School in any sport.. 11th place & 2nd on the team. We all gave our very best and ran with our #hearts on that given day #proud #mustang.. My #teammates and #coaches did so much for me that season that truly impacted the rest of my life.. 18 years ago... 3,11,13,15,30,92,121 #makesomethingtodayimpacttomorrow Resultados del Estatal de Campo Traviesa de la División IV nivel preparatoria de 1997. Mi primer equipo de atletismo. Primer Campeonato Estatal ganado para la preoaratoria de Costa Mesa en cualquier deporte.. Quedé en 11 lugar y fui la 2da en el equipo .. Ese día todas corrimos con el corazón y dimos lo mejor. #mustang #Orgullosa Mis compañeras de equipo y entrenadores hicieron mucho por mi esa temporada que verdaderamente impacto el resto de mi vida.. Hace ya 18 años.. #hazalgohoyimpactamañana
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Tomorrow, the schedule changes as we go back to tutoring and on Friday I will be traveling to San Antonio, Texas to run the Rock n Roll San Antonio Half Marathon.

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Be, Dream, Believe!
Se, Sueña y Cree!

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