Sunday, December 13, 2015

Rock n Roll San Antonio

I got to see two of my most favorite people. Nicole Mericle who hosted my at her house for a month back in 2007 when I was preparing for the World Championships that took place in Japan. She was in Houston helping Jeremy Nelson, the roll recovery guy. I became good friends with Jeremy and his wife Adriana Nelson back in 2007 when both run the Chicago Maraton and that night they invited me to a Romanian party. Another reason I love this whole racing thing. You get to meet and become friends with the most kindhearted people. 

I came to the Rock n Roll with lots of hope. After several weeks of great consistent training I was excited to find out hoe my body woud respond. I knew in my heart that I was ready for a personal best. My goal was to walk away from the finish line with confidence and excitment for the next race.  The race turned out to be just the way I envisioned. I felt relax and under control. I was able to finally average a pace under  6 minutes. My average for the 13.1 miles was 5:51 good for 1:16:54 a 2 minute improvement from my last try in San Jose. Therefore I did walk away happy, proud and very grateful to be In The Athletic Arena.

Without In The Arena and L.L Bean support It would be impossible for me to live these experiences. I love my job with the kids, Im in love with running and I feel very fortunate to be part of an organization and a company that share the same passion with me. Im so proud of what we do that I want the world to know who they are thats why I wear the In The Arena and L.L Bean Jersey.
For many sponsors or supporters it is part of the deal you wear their logo during your races, for ITA and L.L Bean is not a requirement. That in itself speaks of the nature of commitment and believe they have in the In The Arena athletes. 

I know there is so much to do and to see in and outside the athletic and civic arenas. I treasure every minute of this second chance. Now days is really hard to find a sponsor to believe in an athlete that was physically broken for two years and has no results. To be valued for other talents is priceless.

After almost one week in San Antonio, it was wonderful to come home and find this amazing surprise. For now on, I will be able to carry L.L Bean and In The Arena with me to all civic and athletic events. I feel it is important for people to know who is behindall the ITA life changing  events for our mentees  happen.

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