Monday, March 2, 2009


Special Thanks to my dearest friend Jesus Pina (Cacles) for making the ITA banner.

Charcas,S.L.P (Mexico): The school is only a block away from the house I grew up. I attended Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla for 7th, 8th and 9th grade. The school looked the same. It almost felt as if I never left. There were around 200 students waiting for me in the auditorium.

The introduction was mind-blowing. One of the professors wrote an amazing biography of me that he shared with everyone before I took over. When it was time for me to speak, I broke down into tears- tears of happiness of course and that's basically how my presentation started. I talked for almost 2 hours. The young students were very attentive and respectful. Many stayed afterwards to take pictures. They could hardly believe I had gone to that school.

Here are some of their comments:

Dear Zoila, Honestly, you really motivated me. I've been dealing with some problems lately like the ones you shared with us, but I had promised my friends to stop hurting myself. You really made me feel so much better. I am the girl who was sitting way in front and was wearing a white jacket. Hope you remember me. You really motivated me and I really like you. I hope to accomplish my dream just like you did. With lots of love, from Dulce to you.

Hi, I am so proud to know you. Congratulations for all our accomplishments. You are a great example and role model for us to keep going. I will always remember this day. All we have to do is: To believe, to dream, and to be ourselves. All I have to say is to you is: Thank you, Thank you very much. Bye Claudia.

Zoila, All I want to say is that you are super cool. I love your personality. I admire you a lot. I identified with all the stories you shared about your adolescence. Keep going, I hope to make all my dreams come true just like you did. Take care, you are such a wonderful person, beautiful and charismatic. You are so cool.

I loved what you said and I am going to keep dreaming, being myself and believing.
You look way younger than your age. Thank you, Yessenia

Zoila, Thank you for helping me see how important is to love and be ourselves. Thank you for making me realized all the support and love I receive from my family. After today, I will appreciate them more. You are so easy going and down to earth. Please never change. I hope you never change.

Zoila, I will always remember- Be, Dream and Believe- Always be like that, don't ever change. You are my IDOL. Don't forget about this school and congratulations to your organization "In the Arena". Pablo

Former counselor MS."CACHIS" Always believed in me and made sure I was out of trouble.

Speaking engagements like this make realize that I have 200+ more reasons to continue being, dreaming and believing

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