Sunday, March 15, 2009


Amory Rowe, the founder of In The Arena shared with all the ITA athletes an article she found quite interesting. The article is about Richard Jenkins, a man who is attempting to break the world land speed record over ground by a sail powered craft. At the end of the article, Richard shares with us a piece of advice called "Tips for Record Breakers"
Well, Amory was curious to know what were our thoughts about the article. Here is my own list.

"Zoila's Tips to Break Records"

SHARE your experiences with others.
Let others INSPIRE you.
LOVE what you do.
Make the BEST out of any situation.
POSITIVE Attitude at all times.
BE yourself: Be proud of who you are and what you do.
DREAM: Allow yourself to Dream Big.
BELIEVE in yourself, your dreams, and in the people that believe in you.
GOALS:Set SHORT and LONG term goals.
KEEP IN MIND that some days, workouts, or seasons might be more challenging than others.
PERSIST and never let go.
EMBRACE failure as much as you EMBRACE success.

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