Sunday, June 15, 2014


Love the strategies, No shoes seem to be the deal for the 800m time trial
 To say that we are having a blast with our Summer Programs would be an understatement.

It has been two weeks already since we started our Run With US/ITA program along with reading and nutrition with cooking matters.

On the Run With US/ITA! The highlight of this past two weeks has been the mother's involvement. A lot of them have come and joined us in  every single session.  Having the moms participate really give the program a special touch. The kids enjoyed racing then during our 100m repeats and our 800m time trial. More pictures HERE

This past week we learned some core   exercise. This was new to many that all of them kids and adults alike  really enjoyed, suffered and laughed during the process.

The nutrition class was a blast. We learned how to make smoothies. We tasted new things and made the most outrageous smoothies.  I was the last one to come up with one which had avocado and kale on it. All the kids were excited to try my invention. While for some it was delicious, for others not so much.  If you have a few more minutes I invite you to take a look at some of the pictures here.

Thanks to my sister Norma's coordination, we added a new program to the menu. This was added thinking on our working mothers.We now have Zumba three times a week  and  It has been a complete success. I had a chance to join all of them on Thursday and let me tell you this is not a joke, instead it's quite the workout. I enjoyed laughing and talking between dance breaks. Zumba has been a great outlet and therapy for all of us. If you dont believe me, just check the video below.

We are excited to start our week #3.. Stay tune for more aventuras from our ITA crew from Alamosa.

Be, Dream, Believe!

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